Summer Safety Tips from District 3 Police

Slowly but surely, the weather Is getting warmer and soon we’ll want to open those windows, sunbathe in the backyard, and hit that mountain trail. But before you step out, make sure to follow these simple tips for staying safe this summer.

Warm Weather Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people who are hanging around. Keep your head up and your eyes open. Listen to your internal voice and don’t ignore it.
  • Avoid leaving your windows open when you are away from home, this is inviting to burglars. Avoid sleeping with windows open during the warm months. This also invites burglars into your home. There are inexpensive devices that you can purchase at your local hardware store that will limit the ability for someone to crawl through an open window
  • Lock your front door when you are working or relaxing in the back yard and conversely when relaxing on the front porch
  • Lighting is a great way to protect your property since bad guys don’t want to be seen in the act of committing a crime. Call police if you see suspicious activities or people who may be up to no good. We are happy to check on them and you can be saving someone from being a crime victim
  • Make sure that your home has the address numbers clearly visible on your home and even on the steps in front of your house so that officers or firemen can see in case of an emergency
  • Use locks for yard gates which will limit easy access to your property and contents such as lawn furniture and barbecue grills.
  • If you do outdoor activity, do so in well traveled areas where you can get help if needed. If you walk or run, do it with a partner(s) when possible especially when dark and have a plan in case an emergency arises or you encounter a situation like a dog running at large. (Expect the unexpected)
  • Avoid door to door solicitors, especially concrete or roof repairmen. And never pay anyone for work before repairs are made.
  • Never allow people into your house to use your phone. Call for them if you are inclined to do so, or offer to call police and we will help them
  • Close and lock garage doors when you are not using them, an unlocked or open garage door invites thieves to your bicycles, lawn equipment or tools.
  • Lock your bicycles to a solid object even when leaving them in your yard or porch.
  • When riding your bicycle day or night, make sure that your clothing don’t blend into the environment, “Be Seen” and make sure that drivers and pedestrians can see you. Always have reflective equipment and lighting on yours and your child’s bicycles.
  • Do not leave your valuables in your car in plain sight as people pass by this invites crime, and always lock your car doors even when driving
  • The two key concepts;

1.    Make it hard for you and your property to be targeted for crime
2.    Have a plan and play the what if game; How will I respond if I am chased by an Animal/Person? Am I aware of my surroundings and anticipate events in order to avoid them.


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