CMNA Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Kirk of Bonnie Brae
Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm

1. Welcome and Introductions: Attendees and board position if applicable:

• Marti Freeman, President
• Jenine Mathias, Communications (website and e-newsletter)
• Debbie Fimple, Secretary
• Jim Jacobs, At Large
• Liz Adams, Guest
• Mike Fibigur, At Large
• Krissa Murphy, At Large
• Bart Blanchard, Zoning
• David Hutches, At Large
• Christine Dwyer, At Large
• Frank Dwyer, At Large
• Lisa Reynolds, Treasurer
• John Reynolds, Newsletter Advertising

2. Liz Adams – Speaker About The National Western Stock Show

Ballot measure 2C – extension of 1.75% tourism tax on rental cars and hotel rooms > improvements of convention center (add WIFI and reconfigure space to hold larger conventions) and redevt. of national western complex – new buildings, agriculture research, equestrian vet center (CSU), redevt platte river area. 10 year development plan.

3. Any Zoning Issues? Updates?

• Kirk church considering adding a Verizon cell tower (3’ x 3’ x 50’) on property – add as a discussion point for the next meeting

• Use 311 online, ex: Steele crossing between Florida and Mississippi is hard, no crosswalk lines

4. Neighborhood Meeting Speaker Topics –

Wednesday, Nov. 4; 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

• Paul Kashman, new city councilman
• Beth McCann, running for Denver District Attorney, election in May 2016
• Denver Police community resource officers – we have new ones, at least 1 will be in attendance
• Verizon representative – yes, if the application has been submitted
• Walk Denver: add fee to property tax for building/maintaining sidewalks in Denver

4. Neighborhood Announcement Signs – Options
• 4x per year for meetings + 3 events, do we need new ones?
• Fast signs bid for new signs:
o Generic cora-plast signs, single sided $12/each, double sided $17/each
o Metal “real estate” signs $25/each
• Replace plastic sleeve for $2/sleeve + wire stands ($2.25 ea)
• Decision – order more plastic sleeves and wire stands

5. Halloween Event: Saturday, October 31, 2015
Christine and Frank Baier – Coordinators
• Location for the event? Timberleaf not there anymore, old auto shop location?
• Frank following up with Bundt cake shop to purchase treats

6. Holiday Event – Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Krissa – Coordinator

• Tree decorating, hot chocolate, luminary fundraiser.
• We will continue to luminary fundraising event with Holly C.
• Add hayride (has to be free) – Holly Carpenter

7. Newsletter Update
• Fall newsletter ready for distribution in the next two weeks.
• Need volunteers for 2 routes – Mike and Jenine volunteered

8. CMNA Website and Mail Chimp – Any Updates? Suggestions?

• Jenine Mathias – Communications and web updates, taking over for Scott Rogers, moved out of the neighborhood

9. Next Steps for Our Board
• General Meeting – Wednesday, November 4, 2016
• Next Board Meeting – Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meeting Adjourned 7:10 pm