CMNA Board Elections – July 16, 2014

If you are interested in serving on your CMNA board, here are some descriptions (provided by the current board members) of what their responsibilities entailed this year. Responsibilities are not limited to these items, and they may change over time.

At this point, we know that the following positions will have vacancies come July 2014; president, zoning, secretary, and social. Please feel free to use the contact form to contact any of us regarding these positions.


Cory Merrill Neighborhood Association (CMNA) Board Duties.

President –

  • Schedule, set the agenda, and run monthly board meetings
  • Schedule, set the agenda, and run quarterly neighborhood meetings
  • Check CMNA email; respond to, and delegate incoming requests from neighbors and city official
  • File yearly taxes
  • Something comes up that requires your attention (different and unexpected every time)

Vice President –

  • Assist the President and the rest of the board.

Newsletter –

  • Collect information on activities happening in the neighborhood and throughout the City
  • Secure photos, stories, ideas and facts to write, edit and produce the 8-12 page B&W newsletter
  • Coordinate with existing advertisers to secure updates to their ads and commitments
  • Locate and review advertising opportunities with new/potential advertisers
  • Revise advertising and copy materials as needed, including creation of ads if necessary
  • Layout, design, write and edit the newsletter using InDesign
  • Create materials for digital print production and pdf formats for website
  • Provide materials to printer and review press proof
  • Coordinate advertisers and accounting details with treasurer
  • Coordinate delivery of newsletters to Newsletter Distribution staff
  • Secure additional copies of newsletter for soliciting new ads and requests for copies from advertisers
  • In general, send out any communications necessary to the community and the board in order to aid the organization
  • Currently also provides artwork and printing of event signs for Communications

Webmaster –

  • Administer the technical and user experience aspects of the association’s online presence: website, email newsletter, email account(s), social media.
    • Maintain the website hosting, email newsletter platform, and email accounts.
    • Update website content as needed, but not as the sole person.
    • Enable other board members to contribute to the website, email newsletter, etc.
    • Create email marketing templates as needed, support Communications in sending regular email newsletters.
    • Coordinate with Treasurer and President on any billable or contractual items.
  • Online systems in use as of April 2014:
    • Website and domain name hosted by Accendo Digital.  Website powered by WordPress content management system.
    • Association email account ([email protected]) powered by GoogleApps, business account.
    • Email newsletter powered by MailChimp.

Communication –

  • Organize, through e-mail, the distribution and return of the neighborhood signs for upcoming events
  • Make announcements on Cory Merrill NextDoor and our Cory Merrill Facebook page
  • As needed, send out a month e-newsletter using MailChimp
  • Keep the website up to date using WordPress
  • In general, send out any communications necessary to the community and the board in order to aid the organization

Zoning –

  • Periodically drive CM and check on construction sites for safety, permits, trash and general site picture. Ask the adjoining neighbors if they are experiencing any difficulty with the site. Make the appropriate calls if there is an issue.
  • Attend the monthly Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) Zoning and Planning (ZAP) meeting to discuss ongoing citywide issues with other neighborhood representatives. (Meetings are the 4th Saturday of each month from 9:00-12:00) Make a report to the President and cc the Cory Merrill Newsletter for our web site.
  • Attend the monthly Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) general membership meeting the 2nd Saturday of each month at different locations around the city.(9:00-12:00) The reason being that the Zoning representative from CMNA and the president are the only two (2) voting delegates to the INC and should be present if a vote from the delegation is needed.
  • Prepare an article for the quarterly newsletter and update the website with issues that may have an effect on our constituents.
  • Occasionally attend the INC Parks and Recreation (PARC) committee meetings as there are some issues that are common to zoning. The meetings are held each month at the Heritage Club,2020 S Monroe.  The close proximity to Cory Merrill makes this meeting easy to attend (6:00-7:30)

 Social –

  • Plan and facilitate neighborhood social events
  • Work within a given budget- with treasurer and president
  • Coordinate any donations
  • Find and coordinate entertainment if need be
  • Come up with ideas for social events
  • Communicate events through Next Door, CMNA website, newsletter, etc
  • Work at each event
  • Coordinate volunteers to work at each event

Treasurer –

  • retrieving mail from the post office box
  • paying all bills and for balancing the checking and savings account
  • billing the advertisers in our Newsletter
  • providing revenue information for filing tax forms
  • collection on owed amounts
  • reimbursements
  • reporting account balances at meetings
  • making deposits at the bank

Secretary –

  • taking minutes at the board meetings
  • typing the minutes and forwarding to the president for approval

Newsletter Distribution –

  • Secure volunteers for quarterly distribution
  • Pick up newsletters from Alpha Graphics
  • Separate newsletters by street and leave out for volunteers to pick up

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