About CMNA

Cory-Merrill Neighborhood Association (CMNA) is a registered neighborhood association within the City and County of Denver, CO.

The Cory-Merrill Neighborhood Association is 30 years strong.

Our Board Directors have served on critical city zoning legislation committees and have contributed with city administrative offices regarding many significant decisions shaping the City of Denver.

We invite you to participate and help make a positive contribution, yourself. Make a difference by joining or being active with our board by attending our monthly meetings.

The purpose of the CMNA is to collectively address issues and interests common to the Cory-Merrill neighborhood. CMNA is nonprofit, unaffiliated with any political party, and non-discriminatory.

Information for Neighbors:

CMNA takes and active role in addressing issues important to the neighborhoods within our association including development & zoning issues, I-25/Light Rail/Traffic, crime & safety, landmark & historic preservation. We also sponsor the annual House Tour of the community.

CMNA offers you the opportunity to get involved in issues which have an immediate impact on our neighborhood and its quality of life. It is rewarding volunteer work and broadens your perspective of our dynamic community.

In the coming decade, with Denver and the entire metro area poised for still more growth and development, it is more important than ever that we, as private citizens, work together to insure our future as a community. CMNA is an organized, effective means to this goal. CMNA activities are broad in scope and precise in detail. They are of interest to all. CMNA members share a commitment to this neighborhood.

Be involved. Insure our future as a community.

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Remember to drive safely; And observe the 25 mph (unless otherwise posted) speed limits in our neighborhoods. That courtesy alone will help make a difference as well and add to the quality of life that we enjoy in Cory-Merrill.