1475 S. Colorado Blvd. Zoning Issue

Fellow Cory Merrill neighbors:

There is at present, a zoning issue that prompts your attention. The hotel, Courtyard by Marriott and the parking lot in front of 1475 S Colorado Blvd. is owned by the Stonebridge Company. They are submitting a zoning change from B-A-3(  designated to accommodate uses that are oriented toward the motorist and residents of nearby neighborhoods) a portion of which is occupied by Holiday Auto Center to MX-5(mixed use 5 story bldg).  The company that owns the property that Holiday Auto Center occupies is Histro Investors, LLC and they at present have not showed an interest in rezoning their property. It is Stonebridge’s intent to bring in a restaurant at that location. In conversations with the President of Real Estate  Construction, Mr. Bob Gollick, he has intimated that he just wishes an MX-3 but the city is pushing for the MX-5.

We have had Mr. Tommy Nigro, Stonebridge Companies, Vice President-Real Estate address two of our CMNA meetings and has told those present that their wish are for a 4000 sq. ft building.

This issue and subsequent discussion/vote will be at our October meeting. Please try to attend.

For further information on Zoning, please go online to Denvergov.org/zoning

George Mayl
CMNA Zoning

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